Did you know that tea is second to water in consumption around the world?

Black tea is one of the most widely drank type of tea across the globe.  It is made from the same plant as green, white, and oolong tea: Camellia sinensis. 

There are many locations in which black tea is produced.  China and India, some of the largest tea producers in the world are best known to produce tea plants, but there are other countries that grow tea as well.  Taiwan and Sri Lanka each have their own tea production and each type of tea varies between all of the producers due to climate change, seasons, and age of the plants.

What makes black tea different from other tea is how much it is oxidized after it is harvested.  It features a higher caffeine content than other tea made with the Camelllia sinensis plant and also has stronger flavors. 

The antioxidants in tea have helped it to become a leader in beneficial beverages.  Many claims for the drink include an increased efficiency in immune health, heart health, stress reduction, and increased hydration.  The benefits to health, however, are still rather unknown because of insufficient research or emphasis.

Regardless of the health claims, the flavors in black tea make it more enjoyable to drink than just water.  With no calories, black tea is perfect for those looking to shed a few pounds and stay awake at the same time.